About us

Nieuw Charlois is the platform for Art and Design in Rotterdam Oud Charlois.

It consists of a gallery and a website, where work is shown and sold by Rotterdam artists and designers, many of whom have studios in Oud Charlois.
Many Charlois artists operate nationally and internationally, their work is only by occasion visible locally. The treasure of the artists' work is great and the time has come to show it in a new way, in Nieuw Charlois.

Over the past thirty years, Oud Charlois has developed its own strength, which arose from the presence of artists and their connection with the places and the residents. Through their presence and their activities, the artists have provided the area with a value that cannot be found anywhere else in Rotterdam.

Because of this history, NEW CHARLOIS was founded with the reason to make this value visible in the daily street scene, at Wolphaertsbocht 81.

De programmering wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door een periode-subsidie van:

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