Opening exhibition GENIUS LOCI until August 31

NEW CHARLOIS opens its doors with the exhibition GENIUS LOCI

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July 2021, NEW CHARLOIS, platform for Art and Design opens with the exhibition GENIUS LOCI. It shows work by the four Charloisse artists: Maartje Dijkstra, Kirsten Spuijbroek, Ruud Goedhart and Jos van der Meulen.

GENIUS LOCI (the spirit of the place) is a concept from architecture, already used by Vitrivius around the first century BC, to point out to his pupils the inherent power of a location before designing a building. lets.Oud Charlois has developed its own strength over the past thirty years, which arose from the presence of artists and their connection with the places and the residents.
Through their presence and activities, the artists have provided the area with a value that cannot be found anywhere else in Rotterdam.

Because of this history, NEW CHARLOIS was founded with the reason to make this value visible in the daily street scene, at Wolphaertsbocht 81. The aim is to present and sell the work of artists and designers from Oud Charlois and also to offer them the opportunity to visualize projects that are in development, or see the light of day for the first time.

GENIUS LOCI shows work by four artists, who have been working intensively for many years on an oeuvre with a completely unique signature. This signature has everything to do with the choice and technical use of their material. All four of them push the limits of the possibilities that the material offers them, making them specialists and it is immediately clear that this work is theirs.

Ruud Goedhart shows a selection from DEEP HOUSE, the continuous series of paintings of white goods. Ordinary things like switches, refrigerators or microwaves are given a new meaning as virtuoso painted impressions in white fresco lith on canvas. The simplicity reveals the intelligent humor that gives the work great appeal.

Maartje Dijkstra makes interactive COUTURE designs. She does this with (mostly black) recycled flexible plastic, which is built up line by line into 3D printed structures. With this she composes Couture and accessories, always unique pieces.

She works solo, totally committed to the many hours of manual labor required by her job. She collaborates with technicians and musicians on the monumental, interactive presentations of the Couture X collections around the world.

More than thirty years ago, Jos van der Meulen decided that he no longer needs or wants to use new material for his work, because the world threatens to suffocate in it. It is not without reason that he makes wastepaper baskets, made from leftover posters: PAPERBAG. This makes him one of the founders of the reuse of materials in the Dutch Design tradition.

Kirsten Spuijbroek embraces death as a deeply human emotion and as precious study material for her work, in which dead flowers are the basic material of porcelain wreaths, monumental memorials of a past life. After many experiments with clay, pigments and glazes, a new series sees the light of day in this exhibition: FACSZES

We are proud to invite you to come and see this exhibition and celebrate our opening. Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July we are open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. to welcome you in peace.

Er is geen centraal openingsmoment om te vermijden dat we met te veel mensen tegelijk aanwezig zijn en ons niet aan de Covid regels kunnen houden. Twijfelt u over een gunstig tijdstip, bel ons dan even om te checken 06-40367057

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