“the great sweater show”

What a day that was last Saturday, November 5, during the sweater show in Pompstraat 44!!

We roped in 12 models (neighbourhoods/friends/family) to walk the catwalk of Persian carpets. In the back of the wood shop, 120 sweaters were displayed and hung on racks in order. The models received a crash course in "walking" from Ariënne Sillié to the beats of DJ Sergio (Yellow heats).

By 4 p.m., nerves were still coursing through the crew's bodies... will there be enough people? And will it go well?

Ten minutes later the spectators poured in in large numbers and the party could begin. Spectacular to see how the sweaters were then professionally shown in color groups. The audience cheered and applauded wildly, and rightly so. As is the case with fashion shows, they are over far too quickly and your eyes have been working overtime. But the goal was achieved: people flew onto the tables and racks with sweaters. There was no fighting over a nice copy. Loes Veenstra would have been proud.

While enjoying a salad and soup, about 40 sweaters were sold that afternoon and satisfied customers walked out the door smiling with a Loes sweater. From November 9 to November 26, the remaining jerseys can be purchased at Nieuw Charlois at Wolphaertsbocht 81.

Warm regards, Ivo and Nicole

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