FIND ENGINE Jeroen Arians/ Marie Claire Gellings/ Float

Een gezellig druk bezochte opening van Find Engine met prachtige openingswoorden van Jeroen Bouweriks.

Jeroen had voor elk van de drie kunstenaars een gedicht geschreven. Hieronder de woorden voor Jeroen Arians:

A Still – balanced Move

The absence of the maker


A cuddled green leaved potted plant towering in light air

Crutched and hold in place

A bundle. Artificial light. Left behind by the viewer

Caressed… But all directed to freeze as a still in their dark

The smell of moist… Carefully composed on a found shredded beach umbrella

Pilled up… Sssssttt

Your untameable. Silent aesthetic

In my mind I dared to say goodbye… & Waved…

To a white but clean garbage bag

All diagonally balanced on just one tiny stool made of red plastic

You tend to work with stitches now

The presence of the maker

For Marie Claire Gellings


The memory of 0ne’s mother, mirrored in the silhouette of my father

Draped into the shape of a cardboard box

Transformed in wall of garments carefully folded and fringed

An almost grey stitch draws the fixed folds of endless yarn

A swing, a pedant, a childhood memory, a freshly folded cupboard

Cut out and mounted, seemingly accurate

A screw on height, same as the button on a black shirt

In a white walled Gallery space

All in flux, there to be

Remade reworn and re-edited


Playing hide and seek

(The interaction wit hits audience)

For Float (Leon Moleveld)


Just lift the lock

It is nodding her Head upright

Bend that shovel backwards Bill

Can shopping trolleys actually spin the audio siren ?

The TV just got sacked by white noise

The orange bike messenger box ignores tins of energy drink

The steering wheel paddled the bike

A wrong turn, treasure hunt on a local street in Charlois

Unrevealed & unravelled

One grabs, his hand friendly to assemble

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